1. take the boat to the BANDERFON REGION
2. shortly before reaching your destination you stumble into a dangerous encounter - afterwards, TORTE wakes up in a strange place
3. meet the mysterious person on the top of the roof
4. sit down next to the stranger and grab the rod
5. enter the prophet's hut
6. back in the real world, head to NELSON'S LODGE
7. stay the night and see the rumored DREAM WARRIOR
8. head to YUGUNOA, where an entrance into the sewers opens up
9. find and defeat the DREAM WARRIOR
10. enter the memories of your opponent
11. with the scenery changed, follow IRVING to the garden (1st floor) where he greets the king of DELCADAR
12. go to ELENOR's room (3rd floor)
13. go to meeting room (3rd floor)
14. head back to ELENOR's room (3rd floor)
15. follow the group to the castle's entrance (1st floor)
16. go to storage (1st floor)
17. you are now at the sewers. cross them, until the next scene happens
18. fight together with IRVING against the monsters
19. go back the way you came until TORTE is returned to the real world
20. fight the BOSS and bring peace to the DREAM KNIGHT




the sea has changed just as everthing else. and when the BANDERFON REGION comes in sight, heavy waves crash against the boat.

out of the deep ocean, a giant beast emerges. JAKRA, the SEA-KING. URNOGA had given him this title, together with the RED ORB.

and it’s due to the ORB’s power, that he is too much for the party to handle. the beast throws itself against the ship and TORTE falls into the sea.

ROU screams out for him, but it's too late.

the hero is alone. again.


TORTE wakes up, lying in a beautiful flower-field. he has no clue where he is, but he notices a strange figure in the distance


on the roof of a hut nearby, a fishman can be seen. the hero draws closer, eager to talk to the guy. but once TORTE looks away for just a moment, the fisherman disappears - in his stead a woman is now sitting on the roof.

TORTE takes the place beside her and a second later, again, he looks in someone else's face. and another. and another. until he recognizes some of them... the stranger finally decides on one appearance and calls herself the prophet.

back in her hut she talks in riddles about the heroe's destiny, the secret behind the hero's power that URNOGA took from TORTE, the right time for fishing and about a lost friend, that TORTE is about to meet again, very soon - KAMYU.

she is aware that TORTE couldn't possibly understand her words at the moment. so the only option right now is to make a decision. what will TORTE do next?

with the words "save the world!" the prophet sends him back to his world.


SILVIA, GREIG and ROU are all there when the young man opens his eyes again. they had feared that he was swallowed by the black sea. but once again, TORTE has returned to them.

before getting rest at the small hut on the beach, TORTE looks back to the sea.

there, a ray of light is writing a message onto the water’s surface:




the next day, TORTE's party heads to NELSON'S LODGE. they stay at the inn and - just as the rumor stated - see a strange knight in their dreams. there is also a voice asking them to help this poor soul.

the hero's group travels to YUGUNOA as fast as possible. through a secret entrance they manage to get to the sewers. here, the DREAM KNIGHT can be found.

his aura is very dark indeed and - although he doesn't seem hostile at first - the warrior's rage seems to overcome hin and he attacks.



DREAM KNIGHT                            夢の騎士


after the fight, things become a little clearer to the party: with the DREAM KNIGHT going on about not being able to save ELENOR and TORTE, they realize that it's IRVING talking. the former king of YUGUNOA. the voice from the dream appears again, sending TORTE inside the nightmare that the DREAM KNIGHT is trapped in.

and there he is: YUGUNOA KINGDOM...16 years ago.

TORTE is able to witness everything that has happened. he sees his father, almost glowing from happiness. he tells everyone about his newborn son, TORTE. the baby has the birthmark of the hero!

there is also the matter of the 4 kingdoms forming an alliance. but before the day can truly begin, king IRVING wants to welcome his friend, the king of DELCADAR at the gardens. TORTE follows him there and, afterwards, to the queen's room, where MARTINA and ELENOR talk about the sweet baby that has arrived in this world. IRVING takes the boy and brings him to the meeting room. the ruler of the four kingdoms then have a discussion that seems rather dark at first.

the matter at hand is wether the legends of the hero are really true. but IRVING believes in his son. people might be evil in their nature, but never would he believe that the legendary hero was actually the DEMON LORD himself. even more, he could never think that his son would grow to become a danger to LOTOZETACIA. IRVING's determination makes the other rulers very proud. the king of DELCADAR agrees that TORTE is in fact the hero of the prophecies and wants to annouce it to the world.

the positive mood is then suddenly disrupted.

what TORTE has heard many times before, he is now able to see with his own eyes:

a swarm of beasts attacks the castle and hell breaks loose.

he follows his father to the queen's room. IRVING, ELENOR, her baby and MARTINA try to escape while ROU and the king of DELCADAR want to fight the enemies. through a secret passage, the trio reaches the sewers - with TORTE's spirit by their side. ELENOR, MARTINA and the baby TORTE sneak out of the castle, but IRVING stays. he wants to fend of the monsters an give his family a little more time. TORTE, in his spirit form, supports his father in this battle. when IRVING runs back to help his friends inside the castle, he follows him.

but IRVING was never able to leave the sewers and this is the reason why:

near the stairs to the castle, IRVING runs into the king of DELCADAR - a strange demon standing infront of him. it seems as if he is taking over the king. when IRVING closes in on his friend, the king of DELCADAR, who is now merely a vessel for URNOGA, stabs IRVING.

soon after, general GREIG enters the room. and URNOGA starts spinning his web of lies:

he claims that IRVING attacked him. that TORTE was not a hero after all, but the CHILD OF THE DEVIL. that the royal family of YUGUNOA was behind the attack. that queen ELENOR has escaped and taken MARTINA captive... all those lies, GREIG would believe for many years to come...

TORTE's spirit is then left behind with his father. to his shock he is now able to see what caused him to become the DREAM KNIGHT in the first place. the nightmare IRVING had experienced, turned out to be a feast for one certain demon: BAKUMOS, the dream eater. as long as he feeds on IRVING's terrible memories, the former king of YUGUNO cannot be put to rest. all TORTE can do is watch - and his inability to help his father’s soul, torments the young hero… when he falls into the darkness of this terrible dream, the kind voice appears again.

"TORTE...listen to me... no matter what they are trying to make you believe...URNOGA might have taken the hero's power from you - but it isn't just some item. the hero's power is the light inside of you. and it can never truly vanish. only you can bring back this light into the world."

encouraged by the voice's words, TORTE's hand starts to glow again. the hero's power has been revived. now, there is only one thing left to do in this place:





the DREAM KNIGHT'S curse is broken and IRVING is able to see his son one last time.

when they hear the mysterious voice again, it is revealed that it belongs to ELENOR.

her kind words reach TORTE, before she and IRVING are reunited and vanish for good...


"my sweet have faced so much already. but we still wish for you to continue your journey. you are the light of hope and we will always watch out over you.

we love you, TORTE..."


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