1. take the boat to the canal at SOLTICA and enter the outer seas
2. after the scene with KAMYU, head north to the pillar of light
3. defeat BOSS
4. enter KREYMORAN through the pillar of light
5. KREYMORAN seems almost empty...head to the castle and talk to queen SHARL
6. return to the CASTLE TOWN - and old woman and a priest will start talking to the party
7. head to the church and hear what the priest has to say
8. follow KAMYU. he is at the western corner of the map, just outside of castletown's center
9. after the following events, head back into town and fight the monsters
10. talk to the priest near the docks
11. take the boat to the nearby pier, hidden inside the cave next to KREYMORAN
12. head through the VIKING HIDEOUT and defeat the monsters to save KAMYU
13. follow KAMYU to another cave, further north in the KREYMORAN REGION
14. examine the root
15. talk to KAMYU
16. examine the root
17. talk to KAMYU
18. examine the root
19. talk to KAMYU
20. head even further north and enter the GOLDEN CASTLE
21. find the right way through the castle and defeat the BOSS at the end
22. you will end up back in KREYMORAN with the kingdom save again




after passing the SOLTICO sea gate, the party reaches the outer seas of LOTOZETACIA. when SILVIA hears a strange sound coming from the inside of the ship, TORTE agrees to have a look. they find a confused KAMYU who stole some food out of desperation. KAMYU isn’t quite who he used to be. there is no sign of the cheeky thief that TORTE once met in the DELCADAR DUNGEON…

due to the events at the TREE OF LIFE, KAMYU has lost his memories.

he joins the group, but knows none of his former skills anymore. there must be some way to get the young man back into shape…

TORTE and his friends reach the pillar of light after a long voyage. before they are able to enter it, the SEAKING JAKRA appears again. he activates his shield and TORTE recalls the strange letters that were written on the sea, right after encountering the mysterious prophet…

with the mark of the hero, TORTE summons a lightningbolt that breaks JAKRA’s shield in pieces. now, the true blattle can begin.




the beast goes down and the RED ORB is returned into the hero’s hands. with that out of the way, the group enters the pillar of light to reach KREYMORAN. SHARL's country is in grave danger yet again. when the tree of life fell, a dangerous desease broke out in KREYMORAN. they call it GOLDFEAVER and it can affect anything - people, animals, even plants. out of the blue, more and more inhabitants of KREYMORAN started catching the illness.

GOLDFEAVER...? something about this sounds familiar to KAMYU...

of course, TORTE offers his help, searching the town for clues. outside the castle, the party meets an old woman who calls out for KAMYU. she knows more about him, but unfortunately, isn't able to tell the tale: the moment conversation with the woman starts, she turns into gold. a nearby priest who witnessed the event, invites the party to his church. he, too, has met KAMYU and is willing to share his knowledge.

apparently, KAMYU had saved the priest, 5 years ago. while staying at the church, he told him many things about his life from before. KAMYU grew up with the VIKINGS that live west of KREYMORAN. they had raised him and his sister, after finding them all alone in the wilds. KAMYU worked hard for the group, but when his sister died, everything changed...


..."stop it..."


before the priest is able to tell much more, KAMYU storms out, saying he needs time alone. but TORTE is worried about his friends and follows him.

outside there is barely time to talk things through. out of nowhere, a group of golden monsters reaches the docks of KREYMORAN with their ship. they head into town and the party chases right after. although TORTE and his allies are able to defeat some of the attackers, there are still a lot of them left. and they manage to get their hands on the golden statue that - just a short while ago - was nothing but a nice old lady.

one look to the enemie's ship reveals more troublesome news: KAMYU, too, has been captured...

the friendly priest was lucky enough to come out of the attack unharmed. he guides TORTE towards the VIKING'S HIDEOUT that can be found in a small cave, just west of the CASTLETOWN.

the party takes their ship and travels along the shores of KREYMORAN. the cave leads them to a small wharf, amidst the cliffs. the groups heads deeper inside tracks down the golden monsters. after giving them a good beating, KAMYU can be saved. but although TORTE's friend is free again, he doesn't look too good. with his memory slowly returning, KAMYU expierences a rather heavy pain.


KILLERGOLD, the demon who is in charge of the golden monsters, resides in a castle north of the hideout. while travelling in that direction, the group comes across another cave. inside they find some kind of camp, littered with golden items.

next to the camp, TORTE notices another one of the great tree's roots. he touches it...


5 years ago, while KAMYU was having a hard day, working for the VIKINGS, his sister MAYA appeared out of the blue. they both have been living with the VIKINGS for a while and she wasn't really a fan of how they are treating her brother. KAMYU and MAYA dream about the future. they wish to travel the world and discover hidden treasures, becoming rich and famous in the process.

then, a small gull landed on the ground right next to them... how great would it be to have wings... KAMYU envied the bird for it's freedom...


the root has another vision for them...


it was MAYA's birthday and KAMYU had a present for her: a golden necklace. MAYA then told her brother about the treasure she desired the most: the rumored RED ORB - a secret gem that was supposed to be hidden somewhere in DELCADAR.

but nevertheless, she was still very happy about the present her brother has gotten her.

MAYA then notices something unusual. with the necklace on, she is able to turn things into gold, just by touching them...


and finally…  the last vision...


MAYA had lost herself in the powers of the necklace. she turned everything into gold, even the sweet little gull, she and KAMYU have once seen at this place. the sight of the animal made KAMYU furious. he told his sister that she was going too far and, after a heated discussion, MAYA agreed...

she decided to take the necklace off for a while, but when she tries to do so, the jewelry wouldn't go off...then, things got even stranger. slowly, MAYA herself started to turn into gold. and KAMYU couldn't do a thing to help her. he could only watch how his sister became a statue...

having lost her, KAMYU decided to leave the place. away from the VIKING HIDEHOUT he wandered off into the world. his thieving life had begun.


with that, KAMYU's memories are back. he's been through a lot and - even though he hadn't told TORTE his story himself - he's glad that the hero finally knows about his past.

KAMYU tells TORTE that after he left the VIKINGS, he met a strange prophet. it was then that he heard about the legendary hero for the first time. the prophet told KAMYU that he was supposed to meet this hero.

in the end, all of these events lead them here. with the culprit that is behind the GOLDFEAVER within their reach.

the group heads north towards KILLERGOLD's castle. hoping to be able to save KREYMORAN's citizens as well as MAYA, they head into the shiny place.


on it's upper floor, the throne room is located. and when the party enters it, KILLERGOLD, the leader of the monsters is revealed:

it is MAYA.


KAMYU learns that she was turned back to normal on the day the TREE OF LIFE fell.

with URNOGA whispering into her ears, influencing her actions she started builing an army.

since there seems to be no use in talking MAYA out of it, TORTE and his friends have to face her in battle.




her demonic appearance is defeated, but this isn't were the trouble ends. when the spirit of the necklace goes rampage, TORTE and KAMYU give it all to save MAYA. KAMYU is able to reach her and through MAYA's power starts turning into gold.

the young girl is so afraid to see her brother changed that way that she starts crying. he is the one thing that should never have been harmed through the necklace.

MAYA's tears are able to detroy the curse that haunts the golden necklace - and with it the necklace itself.

when the evil spirit disappears another ORB is left behind - the YELLOW ORB - and TORTE puts it in his back.

afterwards, the group takes MAYA to KREYMORAN. the town is saved, everyone release from their GOLDFEAVER, and MAYA can get some rest. with the priest looking after her, KAMYU decides to continue the journey. he can return to his sister, once URNOGA is defeated. but until that is achieved, no one in this world can ever be truly save again.






to snatch away






to arrive at, reach


single, simple





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