1. take CETOS to different places around the world:
                ISHI VILLAGE: meet with king
                SOLTICO: visit JEGO
                MAYA'S HIDEOUT: go to cave between GOLDEN CASTLE and VIKING's HIDEOUT
                YUGUNOA CASTLE RUINS: head to tombstone
2. go to the MYSTERIOUS RUINS, south of GROTTA
3. head to the center of the ruins and take a look at the fresco
4. head to the west-side of the ruins and aquire the SECRET COG
5. fly to the TOWER OF OBLIVION, north of the TREE OF LIFE
6. open the tower
7. go to top floor and meet with strange YOCCHI
8. talk to all the partymembers infront of the ORB
9. talk to KAMYU and agree to the plan
10. talk to guardian of the ORB
11. equip HERO'S BLADE and got towards the ORB
12. enter RAMUDA
13. go to temple and meet your friends
14. go through FOREST OF BEGINNINGS until you're back at the tree
15. go to center of TREE OF LIFE and witness the events
16. defeat BOSS
17. get the HERO'S BLADE
18. leave the area and return to DELCADAR
19. head to throne room and talk to king
20. go to 2nd floor and rest in guest bed (western room)
21. after the events, go to throne room
22. defeat BOSS
23. go to throne room


everyone gathers around the tree in RAMADU, where the party learned about what happened to VERONICA. but it's not just here. so many lives have been lost.

the group decides to take a look around the world, see how the regions have florished since the battle against URNOGA.

ISHI, SOLTICO, MAYA's HIDEOUT, the YUGUNOA CASTLE RUINS...wherever they go, what the group finds is closure. but why does it still feel to them, that the adventure isn't over yet?...

while travelling the world, the party arrives at some mysterious ruins that seem to be related to GOD’S PEOPLE.

they find a fresco, depicting a powerful source of light. also, there is an old book, telling them more about what happened in the past:

"there is said to be an ancient spirital power, born from the soil of LOTOZETACIA.

it is called the AVATAR OF LOST TIME.

the power that knits the fabric of time itself."

this could be the key. if they could find the AVATAR, maybe they would be able to change VERONICA's fate?!

they follow the instrucions of the book and head towars the TOWER OF OBLIVION. with a mysterious cog that they found among the ruins, they are able to open the doors...


and on the tower's top floor, TORTE and his friends look into the eyes of a guardian that looks a lot like one of the YOCCHI. what he is guarding is the ORB OF TIME.


this is the power they have been searching for. they could change the past and save her friend. but they could do so much more...

the fall of the TREE OF LIFE. URNOGA's rise... they could prevent all of this. and save countless lifes in the process...

but then the guardian start talking about the difficult part of all this: the rules.

a huge amount of power is neccessary to activate the ORB. only the hero possesses such power. so only he alone can travel back in time.

and... he cannot really return. there is a lot of discussion, but in the end, TORTE has made his decision. he follows the guardian's advice, and breaks the hero sword over the ORB OF TIME,

the voices of his comrades shouting out to him.


"TORTE...we will journey together once more. WE WILL MEET AGAIN!!!"


then the clocks begin to go backwards...

when TORTE wakes up, he has returned to RAMUDA. right before leaving for the TREE OF LIFE. he finds the DEMON SWORD next to him. since the guardian wanted TORTE to use this sword, he takes it and hopes for the best.

at RAMUDA, TORTE is very touched to see VERONICA again. inside the temple she temple, the two meet. and the young girl promises to do everthing in her power, to protect him.

the events unfold just as they have the last time.

until TORTE reaches out to the HERO'S BLADE... he suddenly remembers what happened the last time… and with a swift strike, he repells HOMEROS spell.

this time, the battle against him, can be won.






the evil tactician is brought to his knees and just like this, the party is invited to DELCADAR. the king acts as if he is feeling terrible about the "misundertanding".

and GREIG, too, apologizes to TORTE. he can't believe his friend HOMEROS would sell his soul to the demons. luckily, the truth did come out before worse things could happen...

at the TREE OF LIFE, TORTE managed to get the HERO'S BLADE after defeating HOMEROS. during the night in the castle, while the young man tries to get some rest, the king enters TORTE's chambers. when he tries to steal the sword, the mysterious black YOCCHI appears again and stops the king in his tracks. finally, he shows his true face. inside the throne room, the party, together with GREIG, stands before URNOGA.

he admits possessing the king during the fall of YUGUNOA, 16 years ago. he also explains that he needs the sword to destroy the LIFE TREE's soul.

and when he speaks directly to GREIG, he calls the general one of GOD's people...GREIG however, insists that he was born and raised in BANDERFON.

and one way or the other, it doesn't make a difference right now. right now, all that counts is to defeat URNOGA...!




it's done!

URNOGA is no more!

the king of DELCADAR is free from the demon's influence. he feels like waking up from a long and terrible nightmare. and he needs rest, just like they all do.

the next day, everyone gathers at the throne room. the king is very grateful. now, LOTZETACIA is save. everyone is save.

but then...





to gulp down, swallow





to descend, go down (also: retire)



to complete, achieve



limit, end






miracle, marvel



document, record



to get up, wake up



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