2. enter the temple and talk to the stranger
3. go deeper inside and take the HOLY EMBER
4. examine plant 1
5. examine plant 2
6. examine plant 3
7. fly to SAMADHI and talk to the king
8. go to the BAKLAVA CHECKPOINT to meet king PHARIS
9. go to the altar and witness the events involving the HERO'S STAR
10. return to the king in SAMADHI to get the HAMMER
11. fly to the floating island in the south-western part of the worldmap
12. cross the ANCIENT BATTLEFIELD until you get the ORICHALCUM
13. head to HOMURA
14. talk to YAYAKU to learn about the dangerous monster at the vulcano
15. go to HINONOGI VULCANO and encounter the "monster"
16. follow SAKI and TEBA to the secret passage
17. pass through the passage until you reach the crater
18. return to village and head into YAYAKU's house
19. head outside and witness the struggle at the plaza
20. head to the old woman in YAYAKU's house to get the key to the vulcano
21. reach the end of the vulcano and defeat the BOSS
22. return to HOMURA VILLAGE
23. get key to the vulcano's crater and enter it
24. revive the ancient forge with the HOLY EMBER
25. forge the HERO's BLADE





following the high priest's advice, the party searches for the floating island. when they are able to locate it, it is suprisingly small. inside the only building, the group finds a friendly stranger.

he is the last survivor of a race called "THE PEOPLE OF GOD". inside his temple, TORTE gets some incredibly hints on how to progress further.


from several visions he learns about LITUS's quest to forge the hero blade.


a mystical stone.

a legendary hammer.

the crater of a huge vulcano.


there is also an important item in this temple, and the group is allowed to take it:





on the ANCIENT BATTLEFIELD that floats in the sky, the group is able to secure some ORICHALCUM. in the process, they learn a lot about the old war that raged in this place.



in the SAMADHI REGION, TORTE has some mysterious encounters with a black YOCCHI that no one else is able to see. the HEROE'S STAR is floating above their heads and destroyed by URNOGA.

before it's destruction, ROU was able to read a part of the characters that were written on it.




unfortunately, even SAMADHI's king knows nothing about this word.

what he does have is the hammer that TORTE has seen in his vision. and he gladly hands it to the hero.

STAR                                       SKY


lastly, the party heads to HOMURA, where they solve the mystery of a dangerous dragon. two children who want to protect their mother start a chain of events that leads to a terrible revelation:

a dangerous dragon who threatens the village, is actually the son of the village's leader.

the curse of the dragon can be broken and the vulcano's festival ground can be accessed again.




when the party enters the crater, the HOLY EMBER reacts, and out of the crater, the ancient forge rises.



here TORTE starts working on the powerful sword, which is a huge amount of work.

but he doesn't have to do this alone.

KAMYU grabs the HAMMER - and everyone helps out mending the steel...


KAMYU: "TORTE...thanks to you i could let my criminal past behind and save MAYA. now it's my turn to lend you power!"


SILVIA: "look, TORTE!...saving this world so that i can bring smiling faces into it. that's entertainment!"


ROU: "ELENOR...IRVING...thanks for watching over me. i will help your child be victorious.


MARTINA: "i always thought that i must fight in order to protect you. but that's not right. what i must do is fight together with you in order to protect everyone. my way."


GREIG: " life as a knight lies behind me. i was once an enemy and you allowed me to become one of your allies. till the very end, i promise to be your shield!"


SENYA: VERONICA...your little sister has grown stronger. so don't worry. i will fight together with TORTE.


when the night is over, the HERO'S BLADE is completed.


they have a real chance now. TORTE and his friends head towards the AETHER CASTLE.

there, URNOGA awaits.

the final battle is near.


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